NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Two Staten Island sisters gave birth back to back and recovered side by side, making Mother’s Day extra festive for the family.

They invited TV 10/55’s Dave Carlin to share in some of their joy.

Carlin met Alyssa Battimelli and sister Ashley Flores, with their sons, who on Sunday turned 1 month old.

Cousins born on the same day.

(Photo: Razzano family)

“Our due dates were two days apart and we were kind of neck and neck the whole time,” said Ashley, who lives on Staten Island.

Brandon Flores Jr. arrived at 12:24 p.m. on April 12, with his pregnant aunt in the delivery room. Then she also went into labor and welcomed Giovanni Battimelli into the world, just seven hours later.

The situation was so rare and coincidental it gave the siblings a kind of celebrity status at Staten Island University Hospital Ocean Breeze

Alyssa said nurses and many other people kept coming in to see them, saying, “‘Oh, you’re the sisters. We heard about the sisters.’ We said, ‘yes, that’s us.'”

After two days of sharing a room, they were sent home together.

So, baby times two? Well, actually, make that three.

Their oldest sister, Alexis Barbara, soon brought in Joseph, who was born three weeks before Brandon and Giovanni.

“The excitement when we’re all together — who’s crying, who has to change diaper change — sometimes it all happens at the same time. They all have to get their diapers changed at the same time. They all have to get fed at the same time. It’s funny,” Alexis said.

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All three sisters work for the New York City Department of Education and it is their mother, Lorraine Razzano, who already watches two grandsons and is now adding this trio to the mix.

“I don’t have empty nest. Yeah, I have triplets,” Lorraine said, adding, “I feel really blessed. Nothing. There’s no better Mother’s Day gift, all my healthy grandsons.”

Two big tables were set up in the dining room and as the three baby boys get bigger and need chairs of their own they’ll don’t have to add more.

The quickly growing family enjoyed a Mother’s Day feast together. It began with a toast from beaming grandfather Joe Razzano.

“Here’s to a happy Mother’s Day and thank God for our new mothers and our new babies,” he said.

The cousins will reach many milestones together. Next month, the christening for all three will be one big event.


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