CBS2 Demands Answers, But The City And MTA Seem Content To Just Point Fingers While New Yorkers Have To Deal With The Mess

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A video of garbage piled up on a subway car has gone viral on social media.

Riders are livid after seeing the dirty conditions and now want to see accountability.

On Monday, CBS2’s Reena Roy demanded answers from elected officials to find out how this happened.

Heaps of filthy garbage, piles of trash bags, and a random assortment of items were scattered all over the subway car on a southbound 2 train in the Bronx.

(credit: Instagram/@boyboi_tru_shine)

Two people who appear to be homeless were at the center of it all, plus Timothy Brown, the rider who documented the mess.

“When I got on the train it was just something indescribable,” Brown said. “Garbage shopping carts, garbage bags. The garbage is on the seats, is on the floor. The smell was unbearable.”

The video quickly went viral on social media, with many wondering how things got so bad.

The Transport Workers Union asked the same thing, saying the subway increasingly seems like a homeless shelter and the union has been calling on officials to address it.

“Why are we paying $2.75 to get on this?” Brown asked. “The fares goes up and it feels like people are living on trains now. There’s a lot of questions, not enough answers.”

Roy took concerns directly to Mayor Bill de Blasio at a rally earlier in the day, telling him New Yorkers should not have to put up with this.

“You’re going to see more police presence in the subways. You’re going to see more outreach workers dealing with homeless in the subways, but when it comes to the basic cleanliness of the subways, that’s at MTA responsibility and the MTA has to step up,” de Blasio said.

CBS2 requested an on-camera interview with New York City Transit President Andy Byford, but was told he was not available. Instead, a spokesperson sent along a statement saying the incident was a clear violation of subway rules and referred the matter to the NYPD.

Roy then asked the NYPD to speak with us on camera, but was denied. The department said the train was cleaned before officers could intervene.

Government officials simply pointing fingers, as New Yorkers shake their heads at a public transportation system that just cant seem to get it right.

The MTA said it’s working closely with the Department of Homeless Services and other outreach programs to get people the help they need.

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  1. Richard Smith says:

    didn’t look this bad under a Republican ,,,,,,,DeBlasio is a terrible mayor

  2. Pete Griff says:

    When you allow the minorities to act like their FERAL nature this is what you get.

  3. Rob Alvarez says:

    NYC looks as bad as it smells. Get out while you can.

  4. Bill Fleming says:

    Thans to the loser DiBlasio…ruined the city…

  5. Bocephus Thibodaux says:

    Maybe New York needs some more people that have no concept of American standards. When you have an open door with a big sign that say crap here, don’t be surprised when they crap their.

  6. I seriously doubt MTA is loading these cars with trash. #UrbanFilth

  7. Sammy Behot says:

    An NYC democrat is the symbol of insanity. That person keeps voting for the same screwballs and expects different results. I am surprised there are not mounds of poop on these cars.

  8. Arfy Warfy says:

    What else would you expect from the world’s newest, liberal, third world country?.

  9. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Perfect, just perfect for how progressive liberal socialists, democrats and their communist party leaders should live…in the mess that democrats always create. Everywhere that these rodents are in charge , this is the result.

  10. Vinny NastyDwarf says:

    Dont worry folks they will just raise those fairs we will except and nothing will change but us losing out on more money.

  11. Paolo Roberto says:

    The byproduct of liberalism, filth, waste, inconsideration and stupidity.

  12. This isnt just NYC but virtually ever Democrat ran city!
    Poor roads, bad schools, broken families, bad water, homeless sh-tting in the streets, needles littering unsafe playground, murder rates worse than a Third World country. Of course this hits mostly minority people who for generations have languished under this misery. No money for safe schools but millions demanded and given to the abortion mills which again target minorities. How much is the Lefts “Green Deal” going to cost? Bet you THAT gets piles of cash.
    Yet what is the solution offered for the misery?
    Well free phones, promises, blaming others calling them n-zi and racist. Anger, bitterness used as a political weapon. All directed at people who dont even live in the city or set the city policy!
    Meanwhile nothing changes, everything gets worse.
    This while the USA is in the largest economic boom in its history and elsewhere minority job creation is the largest in history.
    I am about to the point where i say “You made your bed, sleep in it.”

  13. Dan Komperda says:

    Maybe the NYC mayor should run for president?

  14. Giovanni Sagredo says:

    The City of Sodom and De Blasio.
    Y’all voted for it, deal with it.

  15. Conroy Harding says:

    Say it with me everyone, “LIBERALISM”.

  16. Alan Smithee says:

    Elections have consequences New York.
    Look at who and what you elect.

  17. Soren Eriksen says:

    Turning in to the San Francisco of the east. The next phase is the dogs complaining about the human feces.

  18. We had the opportunity to visit Russia last year. The very first thing one notices is that the streets and public transportation units are so clean. It is like a different world. The USA has become trash central. It is the fault of the government not to enforce littering laws. It is not the fault of others for the trash one tosses on the street. It is the lack of respect given to our community that has increased so much. It is a leftist thing in the USA. Brought on by trash culture. Our towns now look like Mexico city on trash day and Every day is trash day in Mexico City. We could learn a lot from Putin. Maybe starting with how to pick up trash.

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