HEMPSTEAD, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Long Island fraternity has been suspended after a video from this weekend spread across the internet.

Investigators say the alleged bad behavior involved a keg and a dog at an off-campus party.

UPDATE: Dog Recovering After Being Forced To Do Keg Stand At Frat Party, Owner May Face Charges

Video shows two party goers hoisting a puppy in the air and forcing the dog to drink beer from a keg.

The five-second video posted on Snapchat was taken at an off-campus Hofstra University fraternity Saturday.

Video shows two party goers hoisting a puppy in the air and forcing the dog to drink beer from a keg.

The five-second video posted on Snapchat was taken at an off-campus Hofstra University fraternity Saturday.

“That’s disgusting. A dog can’t say no,” said neighbor Violet Avery.

Avery lives a few doors down from the Alpha Epsilon Pi house. She says she has dealt with the parties for decades, but this crosses the line.

“They are young people, they want to have fun, but there is a sense of decency in the neighborhood,” Avery told CBS2’s Tara Jakeway.

“It’s wrong on every level. It’s just not rational thinking,” said Gary Rogers of the Nassau County SPCA.

Rogers says the owner of the 10-month-old King Charles Cavalier is one of the men in the video and he may face charges.

“A misdemeanor for failure to provide adequate sustenance and overdrive and torture of an animal,” Rogers said.

The pup’s owner is a 21-year-old senior at Hofstra, where some students viewed the stunt as beyond sophomoric.

“You don’t need to involve animals. That’s very wrong to me. I don’t know why they felt the need to do that,” said student Lili Nash.

The fraternity reacted to the incident, saying in part “Alpha Epsilon Pi International has placed our chapter at Hofstra University on ‘cease and desist’ due to suspected violations of our health and safety policies.”

Punishment beyond the suspension is still pending investigation, but the court of public opinion’s verdict is in.

“Those kids are college kids. They’re supposed to be the future of this nation. They should act more responsibly,” said neighbor Bernac Celestin.

The Nassau County SPCA told Jakeway the dog is living in good conditions and today he’s doing just fine.

Despite what happened, the dog – who police would not name – is being returned to the owner.

Hofstra University is condemning the incident, saying the students violated its code of conduct.

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  1. Totally outside the bounds. Charges of animal cruelty should be brought against all the individuals involved and the fraternity fined too. Animals now, children later. Read the stats of children abusers and see how they started.

  2. John Smith says:

    I love how NYers get this upset about a dog getting a squirt of alcohol, but if a woman murders a baby in the womb they light up the bridges and buildings in celebration. I love dogs, but you don’t get to care about the indecency of this minor incident if you don’t care about doctors eviscerating babies in the womb.

  3. Mark Requena says:

    they were messing about and gave him a squirt of beer. don’t take life too seriously people this is hardly animal cruelty.

  4. Dana Place says:

    relax…wasn’t like they forced a beer bong down its throat. it was 2 seconds

  5. This entire article is merely the starting pistol for an SJW virtue signalling marathon.
    Who else wants to see the same parroted condemnation in the comments 3, 4, maybe 5 times? I know I’m stoked!

  6. Mitzi Sp says:

    no doubt they found it funny..seems like they need another beer, pigs. I hope the
    poor dog is placed somewhere where he is loved

  7. Marcie Browne says:

    There is somethng so wrong with kids today that they think this is funny or in anyway exceptable behavior, even for a franternity.

  8. Jeff Mitchell says:

    This is normal behavior for New Yorkers.

  9. Terry Mi says:

    Idiots were probably drunk.

  10. Just a fraternity prank and the dog wasn’t hurt in the least. Loosen up!

  11. Nancy Levatino Battifarano says:

    I want to know why this dog is being returned to its abusive owner. these students should be expelled from school and should be charged with animal cruelty to the full extent of the law. No abuse whether human or animal is not acceptable. Something has to be done abut this not just give them asleep on the wrist.

  12. Umm and why is this poor abused animal being returned?? This is SICK!

  13. Regina Susek says:

    Sick! Can’t understand the dog being returned to the owner who is one of the jerks forcing the dog to drink beer! A better home is out there.

  14. Edward Branca says:

    Their behavior should earn them a quick expulsion from the university.

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