BALDWIN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Some Baldwin residents were startled to discover animal traps set up in their neighborhood.

Some homeowners are setting them up, leading to a debate over whether or not the traps are safe.

Ursula Litiz says she’s still shaking.

“When I first saw the trap I was mortified. I mean, who would do such a thing?” Liptiz told CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan.

(credit: CBS2)

Someone has been setting hunting traps, victimizing innocent animals in her Baldwin neighborhood.

More than one cat is believed to be limping and wandering through the community after their paws were caught in the hunting traps.

“There are actually several cats wandering around. One cat had this clamp on its leg, trap on its leg, and one of the residents here was brave enough to remove the trap. I don’t know how she did it because, as you see, it’s a very difficult trap,” said Nassau County SPCA Det. Al Eskanazy.

“Quite hard to pull apart. Had to put it down on the deck and push,” Liptiz said.

Liptiz was scratched. The injured cat scurried away.

“It was just gut reaction. I had to get it off him,” Liptiz said.

As many as six traps have been recovered. One remains clamped to the paw of an elusive animal.


“There’s another cat, a solid black cat with longer fur and is walking around, if you can imagine, walking around with this on his right paw, if you can imagine, being tortured in a sense,” Eskanazy said.

Law enforcement officials believe some homeowners may not be animal lovers and resent a local feral cat colony and dogs roaming through yards here.

Volunteers arrived this week to help lay out cages to humanely capture the suffering animals. The cages are rigged with cameras and smart phones to proved instantaneous notification.

“Our plan is to get the cat to the vet so we can get the leg trap off its foot,” said John DeBacker of Long Island Animal Search & Rescue.

A raccoon wasn’t so lucky. It’s leg got trapped and tried to escape by climbing a fence.

“It was hanging from the fence. The raccoon suffered and perished. It was a torturous death for him because he was hanging from the gate, the fence,” said Eskanazy.

“Are these legal?” McLogan asked.

“These traps are legal to purchase. It is the intent and methodology that they use that is questionable. And that is up to the district attorney to bring charges,” Eskanazy said.

Anyone with information on the trappers is urged to contact the Nassau County SPCA. You can do so by clicking here.


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