NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – “Cheesecake May” is back at Breads Bakery, featuring four Israeli-style variations of the iconic dessert.

“Cheesecake May was an idea for us to, first of all, play around with anything cheese and sweet,” head pastry chef Edan Leshnick explained. “So we kind of wanted to just be able to use those creative juices and play around with different variations on cheesecake.”

One variation is cheese mousse with strawberries and rhubarb:

Cheese Mousse:

½ Tsp. gelatin

1/8 Cup water

½ Cup fromage blanc (0%)

¼ Cup sour cream

1/3 Cup powdered sugar

1 Vanilla bean (using only the beans)

Zest of 1 lemon

½ Cup whipped cream

Rhubarb Jam:

1 Cup rhubarb cut into chunks

½ Cup sugar

2-3 Sprigs thyme


½ Cup butter, room temperature

½ Cup sugar

1 Cup all purpose flour

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