Years After Going To Prom With Dan Pfeiffer, Katie Krausz Recounted Horror Of Learning He Was Putting Her Picture On Porn Sites

PARAMUS, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A repeat cyber stalker has been arrested again, only months after being released from prison.

The 29-year-old former firefighter just served a year in Bergen County Jail for posting fake nude photos of women and impersonating others.

On Thursday, one of his victims spoke exclusively with CBS2’s Lisa Rozner.

Katie Krausz and Dan Pfeiffer (Photo: CBS2)

Katie Krausz said she went as friends with Dan Pfeiffer to his prom, but a few years later she learned he was using her picture from social media and altering the image so it looked like she was naked, and posting it on pornography sites.

“It was right after my 21st birthday and I started getting really weird Facebook messages like, ‘Hey, nice rack. I saw your pictures.’ All these really inappropriate things,” Krausz said.

Katie believes she may be one of more than 40 victims of Pfeiffer, an Old Tappan resident who was first arrested in 2015 for posting sexually explicit photos, and several times after that until being forced to serve a year in jail. He was released late last year, but last month the Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office said he did it again. He’s now back in jail facing charges, including stalking, impersonation and cyber harassment.

“Well, we’ve just received copies of the charges. He’s plead not guilty. He looks forward to seeing what the evidence is,” said Ray Flood, Pfeiffer’s attorney.

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The woman Pfeiffer allegedly impersonated this time does not want to be identified, but she said previously Pfeiffer put her info and pictures on dating sites, and strangers showed up at her door.

When asked what was on her mind when Pfeiffer was released from prison, “Oh, it was terrifying. It was like starting at square one again.”

She said she had to post Pfeiffer’s picture at work for fear he would show up.

“And this is something I’ve been doing since day one, that you just can’t feel safe,” Krausz said.

Now that Pfeiffer has been arrested again, Krausz said she’s relieved, but added he needs much more time in jail.

“The judge in his original trial was saying, ‘All right, if you do it again it’s 20 years mandatory,’ so when he got arrested last time he’s like, ‘Well, you know, if you do it again you’ll get an actual 10 years,’ so we’ll see when he gets through the court process this time around,” Krausz said.

Some of the charges against Pfeiffer carry up to 20 years in prison. On Thursday, a judge ordered him to stay in jail. He is due back in court Monday.