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NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers can no longer claim religious exemptions to avoid vaccinations.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill yesterday that ended vaccination exemptions based on religious beliefs.

The measure is meant to protect the public amid the worst measles outbreak in decades, which the governor called a “public health crisis.”

Cuomo said the new law takes effect immediately.

“If your kid is immunocompromised and going to school or a day care center, you want to know that they’re going to be safe,” said State Sen. Brad Hoylman, who sponsored the bill.

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The measles outbreak started in October and spread through parts of Brooklyn, particularly in the Orthodox Jewish communities. Since the start of June, there have been more than 250 confirmed cases in Rockland County.

“It’s our obligation to act. We have to do everything we can to get the number of people vaccinated up,” State Sen. David Carlucci, who represents Westchester and Rockland counties, said.

Parents against vaccinations protested in Assembly chambers Thursday.

“The government does not have the right to interfere with my personal religious beliefs,” said one woman. “We will not vaccinate. What’s going to happen is we’re going to either home school or we’re going to move out of state.”


Under the new law, unvaccinated children will not be allowed to go to school across the state. However, parents will still be able to opt out of vaccinating for health reasons, such as weakened immune systems.

“Despite my pro-vaccination stance and despite my beliefs that there are no religious restrictions, it is my constitutional duty to vote in the negative,” Assemblyman Simcha Eichenstein said.

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The governor’s office said it’s up to each school administration to enforce the new law.

Also Thursday, the New York City health department shut down two more Williamsburg yeshivas for allowing unvaccinated children and staff on site.

Grandparents and parents at Yeshiva Torah V’Yirah on Bedford Avenue were surprised to learn the school shut down and remained closed Friday.

“I have a child in the school. They are so strict here. You can’t even imagine. I can promise you that a public school is not as strict as this place,” one guardian said.

Yeshiva Torah V’Yirah and UTA 212 will not be allowed to reopen until they put forward a plan to fix the problem and health officials sign off.

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  1. The mythology of religion should never interfere with the science of vaccinations. If Orthodox Jews want to leave New York, let them. The science of vaccinations is not going to change just by moving to a new state.

  2. Stay out of the South you Jewrat b@stards!

  3. Jews got used to not slaughtering animals in the sanctuary. They can get used to this.

  4. Dan Purcell says:

    I don’t suppose those 10s of thousands of unvaccinated illegal alien flooding across our borders has any thing to do with the resurgence of mumps and measles….Naw, it’s got to be those anti-vaxers and their damned religious exemptions.

    1. Sandy Johnson says:


  5. Jason Ledd says:

    No. 3 cause of death in USA is US healthcare system due to mistakes. That’s no mistake, its an agenda.
    No. 4 cause of death are side effects of properly prescribed pharma drugs, not including their opioid deaths or any abuse of drugs.
    So, yes be wise and move to a state that still has freedom from bad medicine.

  6. Desmond McGlynn says:

    The State of NY will force vaccination to prevent diseases brought by illegal immigrants protected by the sanctuary policies. Is Coumo demanding illegal immigrants to be vetted at the border for communicable diseases???

  7. Stacy Herther Woldie says:

    Come to the Wilderness in ND.

  8. Yes move back to your own land and infect your own tribe.

    1. As a nurse, I was taught that vaccines result in immunity. Why are those un-vaccinated a threat? Please explain this to me OR admit that we are being lied to by Big Pharma!
      Most Democrats support illegal immigration, yet THESE people do not have to be vaccinated. SO religious freedom is dead in Amerika while certain people (illegals) are exempt from laws. Do you ALSO support THIS principle??

      1. As a nurse, you were taught that vaccines GIVE you immunity from diseases.
        No vaccine, no immunity.

  9. Yes move out of New York while there’s still time, before God sends asteroid raining down on the people who legalised infanticide a while ago.

  10. Why is this problem showing up now?
    Get rid of the damn illegals! They are the culprits in this.

  11. Tamera Rebel says:

    People should not have to home school or move out of these commie states with mandated vaccine policies, the parents of kids with COMPROMISED IMMUNITIES should home-school or move!!!! Vaccines should be OPTIONAL.. this is NOT Nazi Germany!!!

  12. James Harvey says:

    Oh, they’ll move… Back to Israel I hope.

  13. Jimmy Kilpatrick says:

    The facts are the city and state do not like Jews anyway.

  14. Paul Ksycki says:

    Forced medical treatments by government for Jews…Where have we seen that before?… If they don’t think the Jewish community will mount a constitutional legal battle they will be in for shock and awe.

  15. Edward Norton says:

    There is too large a concentration of Jews in New York. This will give them an incentive to thin out.

  16. Jim M. Ryles says:

    Right answer MOVE. New York run by progressive liberal socialist and communist democrats… freedom….a dump.

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