NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The MTA’s transit and bus committee has passed a resolution to ban serial offenders targeting riders or workers on buses or subways.

The proposal now goes to the state Legislature.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo supports the measure and released the following statement:

“I am fully supportive of the resolution, passed today by the MTA’s transit and bus committee, to take action against serial offenders including banning them from the system. This is a common sense issue, and the New York State Legislature and criminal justice system have a responsibility to work with the MTA to ensure these perpetrators – who repeatedly target victims on our subways and buses – cannot continue this abhorrent behavior. I thank the members of the MTA Board for their support of this important resolution, and call on our state legislative leaders and the courts to enact the strictest penalties possible so that every rider and worker remains safe in our transit system.”

The transit workers union has been calling for more protection in light of recent attacks on MTA workers.