WOODBRIDGE, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – The grand opening of the brand-spankin’ new $25 million Thomas Edison Service Area/Rest Stop at Exit 11 on the New Jersey Turnpike was held on Tuesday.

It has six food and coffee spots, an enormous food court, and large, modern bathrooms.

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Not exactly an earth shattering story, you’d think, right?

But to some folks, rest stops like it are a very big deal.

“I feel like I have to tell everybody something that all of America needs to know about that probably none of America knows about,” said Kristen Hampton. She’s a former reporter from Charlotte, North Carolina, and she posted a viral video breathlessly raving about the luxurious quality of rest stops in the Garden State.

She made the video during her first road trip through New Jersey on Saturday.

(credit: Scott Rapoport)

“There are these places called Roy Rogers, which, I don’t even know what that is,” she said in the video, amazed. “There’s like a big old food court in there. It’s like you don’t drive to different places. You just roll up in here, you go and get your gas … You get you some Wendy’s, some Popeye’s, whatever it is you want and we’re in New freakin’ Jersey.”

Apparently some parts of the country just don’t have these types of rest stops that New Jerseyans are accustomed to. And Kristen hasn’t even seen this newest one yet.

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CBS2’s Scott Rapoport showed the video to turnpike titans and rest stop regulars. Their reaction?

“I don’t think she’s been outside the house in a year,” said Doc High of Peoria, Illinois.

Another person just laughed.

“She should come up to New Jersey more often and treat herself. It’d probably be a vacation just coming to New Jersey rest areas,” said  John Paschiuto of Massachusetts.

Still, everyone was impressed with Jersey’s newest rest stop.

“They’ve got great food. It’s like almost like walking into a mall’s food court. I’ve got great quality. There’s so much diversity here,” said Melissa Lao of Pine Brook.

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So go on, Kristen. Tell the world New Jersey is the place to go when you need to stop and rest.

(credit: CBS2)

(credit: CBS2)

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(credit: CBS2)