MIAMI, Fla. (CBSNewYork) – The hometown crowd has come out in a big way for Bill de Blasio – but they’re not cheering him on, they’re letting Democrats know he’s not even liked in his own city.

A large group from the NYPD’s biggest union, the Police Benevolent Association, has traveled all the way to Florida just to slam their mayor’s presidential dreams.

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Dozens of PBA members and supporters took to the streets outside Miami’s Knight Concert Hall to call out de Blasio on his claims he’s been a friend to workers during his two terms in office.

Police unions members carried foam fingers with “LIAR” written on them and the PBA even hired an electronic billboard van to drive around the debate location with a message reading “Mayor Bill de Blasio puts working people last.”

In a video on their Twitter page, PBA president Patrick Lynch slammed the mayor again and told Democratic voters to not get fooled.

“He’s the worst mayor, he’s destroying New York City, we don’t want him to destroy the rest of the country,” Lynch said in Miami.

“His slogan is ‘labor workers first’ he puts us last, especially if you work for him.”

The PBA also posted images of New York’s Finest meeting with other 2020 candidates before Wednesday’s debate, including Sen. Bernie Sanders – who will take the debate stage on Thursday.

CBS2 has not heard back yet from the Mayor’s office about their response to the PBA’s debate night protest.