NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – There’s a new attraction for space lovers both young and young at heart in Chelsea.

CBS2’s Vanessa Murdock takes us inside the pop-up planetarium.

The captivating, interactive, immersive and otherworldly encounter is all within walking distance.

“I intrigue their interest in learning science and also the technologies,” Creators Tech Co-Founder Eko Liu told Murdock.

She and Co-Founder Lilli Zhang dreamed up the planetarium. Each instillation focuses on a recent, out of this world discovery. Most of the content was created by coding.

“It’s very fast to integrate new content into the space, and also it is less costly to build up a space like this for the visitors to enjoy,” said Zhang.

Enter Wandering Galaxy with your phone ready, because you’ll need it to create your own LightSail.

“LightSail is basically like a probe that scientists are sending to the exoplanet to take information,” Zhang said.

As you steer it, step into a realm of black holes, maneuver the collision of two and watch what happens.

One woman said her grandson Orion loves everything connected to the stars. He can even identify his namesake in the sky.

“It looks like a Power Ranger,” he said.

“The planetarium is wonderful, but this seemed like there would be something he could touch and move. So we said let’s go,” his grandmother added. “I think he likes it, because he can touch it.”

Another visitor said she likes how the gallery experience has changed.

“I’ve really watched this area, and all of Manhattan, transform into a more immersive experience,” said photography Mandy Lopata. “It’s not just beautiful to look at, but it’s a great feeling, as well, being here.”

You can head to the pop-up planetarium at Crossing Art Gallery in Chelsea from now until July 7. For more information and tickets, click here.


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