NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – This month is one of the best times of the summer to save some cash.

From fitness to fashion, CBS2’s Alex Denis got the scoop on July’s best buys.

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You’ll get more bang for your buck this year versus other Fourth of July holidays in the past, according to Trae Bodge of

“This year, it’s a four-day weekend, and what I’m excited about is we’re going to see a lot of deals during that time period,” she said. “So if you want to go to Target, or Walmart or Best Buy, Home Depot, you’re going to find great deals there.”

Discounts stretch across all categories and include most major brands in both department stores and online.

“What I do often see around this time of year are fitness deals and then lots of beauty deals. The beauty deals are with those individual brands. So if you have a couple favorites and you need to stock up, check with those brands specifically,” said Bodge.

Now is the time to update your summer look.

“Another category to look out for is in the style category – so anything from clothing to accessories,” she added.

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With so much discounted for the long weekend, how do you know if it’s really a good find?

“The kind of sales that you really want to be looking for is something in the 30 to 40 percent off range, which is substantial. So great for those bigger ticket items, say like an appliance or a flat screen TV,” Bodge said.

Later in the month, there’s Amazon Prime day, which has extended to two days –  July 15 and 16.

“It beats Black Friday and Cyber Monday, so it is a really big deal for Amazon. But (what) we also see now is that other retailers are kind of getting in on the game and offering sales during that time period,” said Bodge.

Resist the temptation to get back to school shopping done early. This is one instance when procrastination may actually pay off.

“Here’s my advice: Even though you’re going to see a lot of sales, they’re not going to be great for the most part,” Bodge said. “I would wait until August.”

If you’re planning to travel late in the year, experts say this is a great time to book your trip and get some ultimate savings.

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One final tip: If you Google some promo-code phrases, like “July 4th, America, sparkle,” you can sometimes get an additional 25 percent off.