NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – People who live on Staten Island say turkey troubles have gotten out of control, but officials aren’t doing anything about the wild birds trotting around and damaging property.

Wild turkeys have been running rampant through yards and gardens and through the roads in several areas in the borough, reports CBSN New York’s Reena Roy.

Neighbors in Dongan Hills have been seeing a lot of the wild birds lately and they say it’s only getting worse. A big mama bird and her seven babies are making themselves at home on Delaware Street – not to mention a flock of the birds back in March and even last year when a turkey laid 18 eggs on a homeowners property.

CBS2 has been demanding an interview with the state Department of Environmental Conservation, the agency responsible for such urban animals.

Local councilman Steven Matteo says he secured $200,000 in city funds last year to remove the turkeys and take them to an upstate sanctuary.

For some reason, the state still hasn’t approved a permit to begin the removal process even though even though the same sanctuary has taken in more than 150 Staten Island turkeys in the past.

“She scratches at the lawn and she poops all over the place I don’t know what she’s been eating,” homeowner Susan Fennimore said.

She reached out to the city for help but says they’ve only gotten the runaround.

“Nothing ever gets done with anything,” she said. “I’m tired of it.”

“It is concerning for me because we’re not seeing any decrease in the animals, we’re seeing increases,” said Elizabeth Fennimore.

For now, all residents can do is get their own one-time permit and pay out of pocket to have a wildlife expert take away any bothersome birds.

  1. Greg Neise says:

    I think you need to look beyond your subdivisions. Staten Island is covered in, and surrounded by Wild Turkeys. They will come back as fast as you can remove them:

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