NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A teenager flying as an unaccompanied minor nearly ended up in the wrong country thanks to an airline mishap.

Anton Berg was traveling to Sweden to see his grandparents. The 14-year-old was making a connection at Newark Airport on Sunday when he was mistakenly put on a flight to Germany by a United Airlines employee.

He texted home after noticing how strange it was that most of the people on board the plane were speaking German.

Luckily, Berg then got a flight attendant’s attention as the plane was taxiing on the runway and was able to get off the flight.

“I just thought all night what if he’d been 12? What if he’d been 10? What if he didn’t have his cell phone on him? This can’t happen to anybody else,” Brenda Berg, the teen’s mother declared.

The airline has apologized to the family and Anton arrived safely in Sweden on Monday.