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Join Rick Tomaska & his team of collectors each week as they guide viewers on how to collect by learning the symbolism, aesthetic beauty, and the rich history of US coinage

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About Rick

After graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1973, Rick Tomaska made it his goal to carve his name eternally into the numismatic community. His first milestone in accomplishing this goal was the establishment of his flagship business called R & I Coins, which began operating in 1981.

Ten years later, in 1991, Rick published the book which gave him the reputation as the “Cameo King.” This book, called Cameo and Brilliant Proof Coinage of the 1950 to 1970 Era, eventually led to the creation of the illustrious Cameo, Deep Cameo, and Ultra Cameo designations awarded by NGC and PCGS. Six years after that, Rick published his second book, The Complete Guide to Franklin Half Dollars, which birthed the Full Bell Line standard for Franklin Half Dollars.

In 2014, Rick became a founding member of Rare Collectibles TV where he created Rick’s U.S. Coin Show. His goal this time was to provide both beginner and expert numismatists with beautiful, high quality coins as well as valuable knowledge, statistics, and history regarding their prized collections. Now with 38 years of experience, Rick Tomaska has become one of the most reliable figures in the field of numismatics.

Photo Courtesy Of Rare Collectibles TV

About Rare Collectibles TV

Rare Collectibles TV founded in 2014. Is comprised of dedicated numismatists who work tirelessly in providing you with all the educational information you need to help you build your collection and understand the intricacies of coin collecting. We also understand that every collection weaves a unique story to tell. We believe that there are two crucial components to every collection, its value and its history. That is why we approach every numismatic collection

as both an investment opportunity and a learning experience. Our goal to provide you with as much significant information about a coin’s background and story as possible. After all, a collection can never be complete without both numismatic value and historical knowledge.

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