Fans Pack Viewing Party In Dumbo, Brooklyn And Are Treated To An American Victory With Plenty Of Patriotism


NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York City will celebrate the United States Women’s National Team’s fourth World Cup win with a ticker-tape parade.

The event will kick off Wednesday at 9:30 a.m. in the Canyon of Heroes.

The U.S. beat the Netherlands 2-0 in the World Cup final Sunday.

RECAP: U.S. Beats Netherlands To Win 4th Women’s World Cup Title

Mayor Bill de Blasio tweeted after the team’s victory, saying, “You have inspired the entire country — and New York City knows how to celebrate champions.”

Further details about the parade have not yet been released.

Meanwhile, the Empire State Building will light up in red, white and blue Sunday night in celebration of the World Cup win.

President Donald Trump tweeted out a congratulations to the team two hours after the win.

The president and team co-captain Megan Rapinoe publicly feuded during the World Cup, with Rapinoe saying she would refuse an invitation to the White House, and Trump telling her to win first. Rapinoe scored what proved to be the Cup-winning goal on Sunday.

Nonetheless, the president did say on Friday he hoped the women would win.

There was no immediate word on any possible White House trip.

Here in New York, happy fans had shade and plenty of company in a Dumbo, Brooklyn spot under the Manhattan Bridge on Sunday, as they watched powerful women thousands of miles away in France take home another World Cup for the USA, CBS2’s Dave Carlin reported.

Excitedly waving a big American flag was Flushing resident Michael Franco.

“The patriotism, it feels very American,” Franco told Carlin.

Franco brought with him his 9-year-old soccer-playing daughter Sarah.

“I love soccer. I like playing it and I like training and the reason I do soccer, I always watch these girls, They always play and that inspires me to do soccer,” Sarah said.

The fans enjoyed their experience under the arch, where loud and crowded is the only way to experience a World Cup final.

“It’s just right,” 6-year-old Santiago Luciano said.

“I have my daughter, Cece, and my son, Max, and we made some new friends from The Netherlands because the world is small,” added Gabby Cohen of Gramercy.

Fans were especially thrilled by Rapinoe’s opening goal about 60 minutes into the contest. It capped a dominant stretch by the Americans and put many supporters at ease.

“I feel like as a mom of a girl and a boy to represent U.S. and show them that women can do anything men can,” Cohen said.

“Everyone should support women soccer, for real,” added East Village resident Marjan Riazi.

The crowd dispersed elated and pumped up as many pledged to become part of an even bigger crowd on Wednesday.

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  1. Fran May says:

    In place of confetti, is it true they will throw torn American flags?????

  2. Kerry Spaulding says:

    Awesome. An American hating Communist mayor hosting a gaggle of American hating ill-mannered obnoxious kick ball players. Priceless!

  3. Reed Thompson says:

    Didn’t they get their butts kicked by a team of 15 year old boys?

  4. Andy Browning says:

    Liberty, Guns, Bourbon, Trucks

  5. WE all know this ain’t a parade about soccer. It is a Planned Anti Trump spectacle. Never had a parade before for anybody winning event. You’ll see ANTI TRUMP

  6. Bill Vogel says:

    Do we need a parade for a bunch of annoying, classless, unpatriotic bitches?

    1. Sue Tomko says:

      Great for these heroic women athletes.

      1. Bob K. Wahler says:

        AMERICAN women, “representing” an AMERICAN team; as they display disrespect for their flag and country.

        Great athletes. But lousy humans.

      2. Tom Gimm says:

        Heroic? What word do you use for people that protect us that get shot at?

  7. New York City is no longer part of the United States it is more like Venezuela or Cuba . If the parade were held in a patriotic American city there would be thousands of Betsy Ross flags being waved….

  8. William Susha says:

    I don’t hear any problems about the expense. Oh, I guess it’s a team that hated Trump so we’re going to promote them. I hope they get about 1000 people in attendance like the WNBA games.

  9. Jeff Mitchell says:

    Just like New York to celebrate anti americans.

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