HEWITT, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A fearless dog saved the day for a family in New Jersey after they had an unexpected visit – from a bear!

A homeowner in Hewitt shared video of a large black bear looking for some food in his backyard recently.

(Credit: Mark Stinziano)

The bear even took down a bird feeder and started to snack, but it wouldn’t be able stay around for long. A neighbor’s dog, name Riley, came running over and actually scared the giant bear away.

Riley bolted into the Passaic County yard and fearlessly charged right into the bear’s side, startling the large creature who quickly fled back into the wild.

(Credit: Mark Stinziano)

Homeowner Mark Stinziano told CBS2 Riley is an awesome pup that likes to check on his kids every now and then.

On this day, Riley’s kindly “neighborhood watch” service may have kept that entire family safe.

  1. Susan Hatkins Kehoe says:

    What a poor excuse of a story. HOW A DOG TRIED TO ATTACK THIS BEAR. This is NEGLIGENCE! The homeowner who has the birdfeeder out in her yard should be cited for feeding bears. The owner of the dog who ran in the neighbors yard should be fined also – there is a leash law. This is totally unacceptable. Had the bear defended himself there would be two dead animals – the dog and fish & wildlife would have killed the bear. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE! And it also just goes to show people how timid bears are.

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