NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A portion of Coney Island’s beach was closed off Thursday after human remains were found near the shore.

Police sources tell CBS2 that a badly decomposed body part, believed to be a human leg, was found submerged in the Brooklyn water stuck between the jetty rocks.

Police closed off the area around West 5th Street and the shoreline while they investigated the scene.

The medical examiner is now working to confirm that the body part is human remains and what the cause of death was.

According to multiple reports, multiple body parts were found wedged in the rocks by a recreational diver on Saturday.

Conditions in the water were reportedly too bad to attempt a recovery until Thursday morning.

The location where the alleged human remains were found is a short distance from the New York Aquarium.

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  1. Michael Ishida says:

    NYPD don’t have a leg to stand on.

  2. Don Roupp says:

    Check the Clinton Body Bag List.

  3. Dwain Meyer says:

    Hello Dexter Morgan!

  4. Mo Jangles says:

    ..meh, these cops need to get a leg up..

  5. Reset X Reset says:

    What a s h i t h o l e. And so many moved to FL, it’s headed down the same path.

  6. Shawn Patrick says:

    Food for the Coney Island white fish,,

  7. Vox Veritas says:

    “Coney Island Beach Closed Off After Badly Decomposing Human Remains Found In Water, Police Say”

    I hate it when human remains decompose “badly”.

    I much prefer nicely composing human remains. But who doesn’t?

  8. Chuck Churn says:

    What did that leg know about Hillary?

    1. Vox Veritas says:

      Too much, evidently. The leg bears all the hallmarks of Arkancide.

  9. Hal Slusher says:

    Sounds like some one is missing?

  10. “The medical examiner is now working to confirm that the body part is human remains and what the cause of death was.”

    From JUST THE LEG? Unless they find traces of cement or poison in whatever remains, how can they know from JUST a leg? Doesn’t make sense.

  11. Bob K. Wahler says:

    Sounds like it is the “badly decomposing” part that caused the shut down. 🙂

  12. “I heard you paint houses”

  13. Fred Friedman says:

    Probably a Democrat who knew her party was headed for the deep six next year

  14. Frank Bernard says:

    Jimmy Hoffa????

    1. sammie515 says:

      Remember when they used to dump bodies in the Hudson or East river with cement overshoes? Much neater, they never washed up on shore.

  15. Edward Jakob says:


  16. John Guilfoil says:

    he was “swimming with the fishes”

  17. Courtesy of Tony Soprano…

  18. Eddie Smith says:

    was the leg in a tub of concrete?

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