NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The Taxi and Limousine Commission is holding a hearing Tuesday afternoon on rules that would impact rideshare services in New York City.

The rules are tied to Mayor Bill de Blasio’s congestion pricing plan to limit the number of cars on city streets, CBSN New York’s Lisa Rozner reports.

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The proposals include continuing to cap the number of for-hire vehicle licenses and limiting how long empty cars can cruise on city streets, particularly south of 96th Street.

It would require companies to reduce cruising to just 31% of the time vehicles are on the road. This would take effect in 2020.

Right now, the TLC finds for-hire vehicles are cruising at about 41% while empty.

Yellow taxi licenses are currently capped close to 14,000, but the cap imposed last year on rideshare services like Uber and Lyft is around 120,000.

Rideshare companies are expected to testify that low-income riders who can’t afford cabs will be impacted the most by this cap.

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The proposals will be voted on in August.