NEW CITY, N.Y. (CBSnewYork) – Officials in Rockland County say the year-long measles crisis is finally under control.

The county’s state of emergency was lifted on Thursday.

Officials say they’ve seen a steady decline in cases since April. County Executive Ed Day first declared a state of emergency in March and renewed it several times since.

WEB EXTRA – Rockland County Executive Ed Day ends the measles state of emergency:

Even though the crisis is over, Rockland health workers will continue to monitor the situation.

“Despite the state of emergency ending, these orders will still be issued to those exposed to measles. We will not stop until we can again say measles has been eliminated and know that this time the disease will not return,” Day said.

More than 25,000 people have been vaccinated since the outbreak began in October.

Normally, only 1,200 are given out per year. Rockland and New York City officials have continued to slam the growing anti-vaxxer movement, which physicians have blamed for the largest measles outbreak in a generation.


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