MOUNT VERNON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – The political mess consuming Mount Vernon’s city hall has just taken another incredibly confounding turn.

On Friday, there was an apparent political coup – as the city council turned on the man that had just replaced a mayor who was ousted over campaign finance crimes.

Members turned on Acting Mayor Andre Wallace, voting to replace him with Councilwoman Lisa Copeland.

Mount Vernon councilmembers are accusing Wallace of misconduct in the three weeks since he assumed office after the resignation of the former mayor, Richard Thomas.

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The two men were then locked in a bizarre power struggle as Thomas refused to leave office until a judge ruled on Wednesday he had to step down immediately.

Former Mount Vernon mayor Richard Thomas (left) and acting mayor Andre Wallace (right) (Credit: CBS2)

Wallace says he is ignoring Friday’s development.

“This whole thing, a witch hunt, they say I’m firing people or removing people, these people are corrupt,” Wallace said.

It’s not clear if either side will go to court to clarify who is the official acting mayor.

Mount Vernon’s city council also voted to pay former Richard Thomas $35,000 in exchange for him dropping a lawsuit.


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