MAHWAH, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — A New Jersey woman survives a vicious coyote attack right in her neighborhood.

Now she’s speaking out about how she was able to fight the animal off as it was biting her repeatedly.

Doreen Latargia Entrup says that coyote charged at her while she was passing by a neighbor’s driveway in Mahwah. It got on its hind legs and began to attack.

The wild animal left bite marks all over her body, 14 puncture wounds in total. The 53-year-old mother of three put up a good fight Friday night around 6 p.m.

Latargia Entrup was luckily able to find a baseball bat in the nick of time from her neighbor’s garage on Grenadier Drive.

Doreen Latargia Entrup’s wounds after being attacked by a coyote. (Credit: CBS2)

She hit the animal several times until it finally backed off for a moment, allowing the mother to run into her neighbor’s home. She says she has seen the coyote around for about a week but never thought it would become so violent.

Latargia Entrup told CBS2’s Reena Roy the animal was stalking some deer before setting his eyes on her. As the 53-year-old tried to walk away she turned around and realized the coyote was now hunting her.

“It was biting me on back of my thigh and started biting me up her driveway… tried to get away but it wouldn’t leave me alone,” Latargia Entrup said.

“When I finally got into her garage she has a bucket of sticks and bats and sports items… grabbed a bag so I hit it.”

The coyote is still on the loose and was last spotted in the same area around noon Saturday. The Mahwah Police Department has set up traps and they’re warning people if they do see the animal, don’t run – instead make yourself big and loud to scare it off.


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