NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – It’s a war of words between Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Police Commissioner James O’Neill over the water bucket attacks on New York City cops.

O’Neill defended his men following stunning charges that NYPD cops appear impotent for not immediately arresting the people responsible for disrespecting the badge.

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Darnell Hilliad – a.k.a. Donnell Hillard – is sought in connection with an incident in Harlem in which NYPD officers had buckets of water thrown on them. (credit: NYPD)

The NYPD is seeking to question another man in connection with a disturbing and embarrassing water bucket incident in Harlem in which officers were drenched, dripping wet, and one beaned on the head with the empty bucket, and then turned the other cheek and walked away.

The NYPD released the picture of 21-year-old Darnell Hilliard after Cuomo dumped all over the agency, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported.

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“The video of the cops getting doused with water and walking away was one of the most disturbing, embarrassing situations that I’ve seen,” Cuomo said in a radio interview. “The training is off. It’s off.”

The governor, who has not hesitated to send State Police to patrol in New York City, fired the broadside after at least four separate cases of people caught on camera dumping water on cops.

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The governor didn’t blame the officers. He threw ice water on Mayor Bill de Blasio and NYPD brass for not training cops properly.

“Police officers show up in response to a call. They get assaulted. The training has to be you don’t turn around and get back in the car and drive away. You literally will make law enforcement ineffective and impotent,” Cuomo said.

Police Commissioner O’Neill had an icy response.

“It seems like everybody feels like it’s OK to continue to take issue with the work of the NYPD,” O’Neill said. “These were two young cops. We ask our cops to make decisions – sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes in the middle and we fully support them.”

Police Benevolent Association Pat Lynch – who has been feuding with O’Neill over whether officer Daniel Pantaleo should be fired in the Eric Garner chokehold case – continued the attack.

“Governor Cuomo is right: The NYPD is frozen, but don’t blame the cops. Instead, blame the complete lack of leadership from City Hall,” Lynch said.

“Now’s the time to not be divisive. Now’s the time for everybody to work together,” O’Neill said.

Cuomo offered another insult, Kramer reported. He insisted State Troopers would never walk away from a water bucket attack.

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While Lynch certainly isn’t happy to see more troopers in the city, he acidly pointed out that they have one advantage: “They do not have to deal with a mayor who demonizes them for his own political gain,” he said.