NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Days after a pedestrian was fatally struck by a cyclist in Manhattan, there are new concerns about cyclists being allowed to share a narrow pedestrian walkway on the borough’s east side.

A walkway near the FDR Drive, between 33rd and 34th Streets, used to be just for people. Now the city has crammed in a bike lane, allowed cyclists to ride on the path too.

Pedestrians say this path is too narrow, but New York City put a bike path on it anyway. (Credit: CBS2)

Concerned residents say the path is often used by families and students and they’re now asking, “whose bright idea was this?

“That is going to be a dangerous mix of bicycles and pedestrians because the bicycles are moving at speed, and they’re either going to have to slow down and stop or try and pass the pedestrians,” Janet Handal, a Waterside Plaza resident said.

“If there’s a pedestrian going both ways, there’s no room for a bicycle to come from the south or north to pass.”

The bike path has also removed an emergency lane on the FDR Drive — used by vehicles in distress and first responders — creating a bottleneck for traffic.

The newly narrowed path on the FDR now leaves no emergency lane for vehicles in distress to pull over. (Credit: CBS2)

CBS2 cameras saw an ambulance struggling to get through the newly narrowed path during rush hour. City officials claim new signal changes will improve the traffic flow moving forward.


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