NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Who’s a good dog?

The American Kennel Club is celebrating a major milestone.

CBS2’s Lisa Rozner explains how their universal obedience test is gaining tremendous success.

PHOTOS: Meet Fiona!

Fiona the dog. (credit: John Dias/CBS2)

There’s no question about it: Fiona is an extremely obedient dog, who can shake hands and come when called. That comes in handy, since the 18-month-old Bernese mountain dog spends her days comforting people at her owner’s funeral home in Marine Park, Brooklyn.

“She can pinpoint who needs her the most and go to them and spend time,” owner Nora Pavone said.

Well behaved, caring and also the millionth dog to pass the American Kennel Club’s “Canine Good Citizen Test.”

“We did it because we wanted the confidence to know she will behave in a respectful and nice manner at all times,” Pavone said.

The AKC created the 10-part test 30 years ago to promote polite doggy behavior and responsible pet ownership. It involves things like listening to commands, reactions to other dogs and strangers.

“It allows dogs to live in a setting with humans with proper training and it allows people to feel more comfortable,” said the American Kennel Club’s Brandi Hunter.

The test is becoming so notable some homeowners insurance companies promote it, and an increasing number of apartment buildings, like Silver Towers in Manhattan’s Hell’s Kitchen.

“It’s not mandatory but it encouraged for tenants of the building to work on core behaviors with their dogs,” said Lizz Molloy, a training program manager for AKC. “It’s an objective proof that your dog can behave responsibly.”

Most dog owners CBS2 spoke to say other buildings should look into doing the same thing.

“I think a test like that would make a lot more sense than what buildings currently do, which is just literary stereotype base in breed,” said dog owner Jen Shepard.

“I actually prefer that so every dog has an equal opportunity,” said dog owner Louis Balletta.

“It will keep that in line and out of trouble,” said dog walker Katherine Garcia.

The next time you’re asking your pet “Who’s a good dog,” the answer may be to take the test!

The test costs $20. Purebred and mixed-breed dogs are eligible at any age.

For more information on how to sign up your dog, click here.


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