NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – If you have trouble finding boots because your calves are wide or super thin, or you may have a larger foot, you have lots of options if you know how to shop.

It’s hard to find the perfect fit, reports CBS2’s Cindy Hsu.

Pamela Ammeter used to hate shopping for boots because they were too small for her calves.

“I’d sit there I’d try to get the zipper up the calf,” she said. “Half-way is all it would go and that was it.”

Ammeter started her own company called Boots by Pamela that focuses on fashionable wide-calf boots. The usual boot has a 14-inch circumference around the calf. Pamela’s start at 17 inches.

Most boots only go up to size 10.

“Going to size 10 is not big enough, so I went up to a 12 and hopefully even going up to a 13,” Ammeter said. “I’m getting a lot of requests.”

Fashion Expert Catherine Schuller says custom-made boots are a big trend and good for folks with foot problems.

“Maybe you have a bunion, maybe you have a hammertoe, maybe you have fallen arches,” she said. “One foot is different than the other.”

CBS2’s Hsu checked out Harry’s Shoes on the Upper West Side where Robert Goldberg showed lots of hot styles.

For boots for people with a larger foot, “if it has a rounder toe and a broader portion in the forepart, it will tend to fit a woman with a fuller foot much better.

Combat boots are in, and a boot cut low in the front is good for people with larger ankles.

Lots of boots have stretchy material to expand, which also it also works for thinner legs.

“It’s designed so it fits like a sock, so when you pull it on, it clings right to your leg,” said Goldberg.

Also good for thinner legs is a lace-up boot where you can tighten it up at the top.

Western is hot and the Chelsea boot comes in lots of flexible designs.

“They have elastic side panels so they just stretch and go on like a sock,” said Goldberg.


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