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'This Season We Are Getting A Little Deeper': Javicia Leslie On Season 2 Of CBS' 'God Friended Me'

(CBS Local)– “God Friended Me” returns to CBS for season two on Sunday, September 29 and actor Javicia Leslie wants everyone to know that the upcoming season will be even better than the last.

Leslie plays Ali Finer on the show that tells the story of how an atheist’s life is changed forever when he is friended by an account claiming to be God on Facebook. Leslie’s character owns a bar and is constantly the intermediary between her father Arthur played by Joe Morton and her brother Miles played by Brandon Micheal Hall. Leslie is excited to explore some extremely relevant topics in season two.

“If you got hooked last season, you’re going to be literally obsessed this season,” said Leslie in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “It’s that good and also I think that we played it safe last season. We discussed some of the issues that our country is dealing with, but this season we are getting a little deeper.”

While Leslie’s character Ali spent a lot of time in her bar last year, this season her character gets the opportunity to take on a larger role in the show.

“Specifically with Ali, she has a huge secret that she is hiding from her father and her brother, and you know how she feels about her father,” said Leslie. “This is big. She is a very good girl.”

This show explores characters who believe in God and don’t believe in God and Leslie likes the fact that religion doesn’t define the show when the audience tunes in.

“That part has been a little bit more difficult when it comes to the younger generation,” said Leslie. “If you’re talking about 40-50 and up, the religion is what gets them because they are tired of seeing so much violence and so much over-sexualized television and they want to watch it with their family. As far as the younger generation, it’s on us to spread the word that it’s not Game Of Thrones. There’s a beautiful story and the writing is amazing.”

Watch “God Friended Me” Sundays on CBS.