KANSAS CITY, Mo. (CBSNewYork) – The passenger who allegedly started making threats on board a flight from JFK Airport to Los Angeles is now facing federal charges.

The U.S. Department of Justice announced Friday that 40-year-old Jwan Curry of New Jersey has been charged with interfering with a flight attendant.

Alaska Airlines flight 411 was forced to make an emergency landing Thursday afternoon in Kansas City after Curry reportedly became agitated that he could not use the bathroom in first-class.

“He was swinging his arms and walking up and down the aisle. While waiting in line for the bathroom at the rear of the aircraft, he began swearing loudly around other passengers in line,” according to a statement from federal officials.

“The attendants notified the captain that Curry became increasingly physically dangerous. Curry was punching the seat and punching himself, the affidavit says, and threatened to ‘blow up’ the plane. Passengers reported that Curry stated he was going to ‘kill everyone.’”

After this, the flight crew and four passengers used flex cuffs to restrain the threatening passenger and the plane diverted to Kansas City International Airport so Curry could be arrested.

Curry, a Hamburg resident, is still in federal custody pending his first court appearance.

Under federal law, it is illegal to interfere with any flight crew member or flight attendant – either by assaulting or by threatening them.