ROSLYN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A Nassau County man is speaking out after suffering serious injuries in a hit-and-run.

As CBS2’s Kiran Dhillon reports, he’s hoping that by sharing his story, the driver will come forward.

“I was going down this way and then I got hit backside and tumbled forward,” Bryan Luksenberg said, describing the horrific moment he was struck by a vehicle.

It happened in front of 317 Main St. in Roslyn last Wednesday evening.

“It was very shocking,” Luksenberg said.

Police say the 30-year-old was riding his battery-powered skateboard home from work when he was hit by a white Suburban heading north.

The driver took off.

“I started to feel blood, like, coming down the side of my face,” Luksenberg said.

He said the pain was excruciating.

“Instantly I knew that my hip was very bad because I was trying to walk and it was, like, already difficult,” he said.

Bryan Luksenberg (Photo Provided)

He was taken to the hospital where he remained for two days. Suffering from internal bleeding, he was put in ICU for 24 hours.

Besides multiple scrapes and bruises, he also had to have nine staples to the head.

“Even simple things like, you know, getting up to go to the bathroom are very difficult for me right now,” Luksenberg said.

“Very frustrated. Very sad,” said Horacio Luksenberg, Bryan’s father.

For his parents, the sadness and anger are palpable.

“I’m very worried of this type of conduct from a human being,” Horacio Luksenberg said.

“That you could do that to someone and just drive away scot-free and not even think about it. I also thought about the people that were behind me that saw me fall and they didn’t even stop to, like, see if I was OK,” Bryan Luksenberg said.

But while no drivers stopped to help, he says he did have a guardian angel on his side.

Bryan Luksenberg says there was a woman across the street who saw the whole thing happen.

He says she rushed across, helped him up off the road, sat him down on the sidewalk, calmed him down and then called the police.

“She’s like superwoman. I want to thank her. She’s the best person that I’ve encountered in the past five years, easily,” Bryan Luksenberg said.

He’s hoping by speaking out, he’ll be able to find her, and that it will lead to an arrest in the case.

Police are asking anyone with information to call Crime Stoppers.


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