NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – After years of terrorizing people in New Jersey, Bane Haunted House has opened its doors in Hell’s Kitchen.

Visitors will face clowns, claustrophobic spaces, and you might even be separated from your group.

Do you dare to be scared?

Welcome to Bane Haunted House on West 46th Street, also known as, your new nightmare for Halloween.

Bane Haunted House in Hell’s Kitchen (Credit: CBS2)

“Fear of snakes and spiders and tight spaces and being claustrophobic… probably every fear you could imagine,” creator Jennifer Condron said.

For the last five years, Bane has been named the scariest haunted house in New Jersey and now it’s in Manhattan.

“It is aggressive. It is extremely immersive.”

Three stories, more than 100 live actors, and no animatronics.

A terrifying clown inside Bane Haunted House (Credit: CBS2)

“We’re not gonna hurt you, but we might kidnap you from your group,” Condron warned.

“You’re paying us to scare you and we’re gonna scare you!”

They certainly scared CBS2’s Ali Bauman.

Zombies, clowns, and cannibals are waiting around every corner.

More frightening characters in the Bane Haunted House (Credit: CBS2)

“Oh great, more heads and bodies, just what I wanted,” a petrified Bauman exclaimed.

This haunted house welcomes anyone who’s brave enough to enter, but they don’t guarantee you’ll make it all the way through.

Since opening in late September, 1,000 guests and counting have had to use the safe word to be allowed out before it’s over.

“We have kids that make it through, we have parents who call mercy every night,” Condron said.

If you do get to the end of this dark and windy torture, “I can’t breathe my heart is racing so fast I’ve run a marathon. I can’t breathe, this is worse than a marathon,” a worn out visitor said at the end of the frightening experience.

You have until Nov. 10 to see for yourself.


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