NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Three Muslim families have filed a discrimination complaint against the New York City Ferry.

They claim they were not allowed to board by boat workers.

According to the complaint, on Sept. 21 three mothers – two who were wearing hijabs – tried to take the ferry from Wall Street to Pier 6 in Brooklyn.

They say they initially got in the wrong line.

They had eight children with them, some in strollers, and since the correct line was so long at the time they asked to stand to the side and wait.

Once everyone had boarded, the ticket taker wouldn’t let them on calling them, “a security issue.”

“It was tears in my eyes because it was so, we were shocked,” one of the women said.

“There was no security issue, what kind of security issue can you have with kids?”

A spokesperson for the New York City Economic Development Corporation – which operates the ferry – says it takes these matters seriously and is investigating.


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