NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Halloween is the spookiest night of the year, but for pets, it could be a nightmare.

Jennifer Tufts, manager of Camp Bow Wow Rockaway, has a few Halloween safety tips for pet owners.

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Consider a costume that works with your pet’s personality if you’re planning to dress your pet up for the holiday.

“If your dog doesn’t like being touched somewhere, maybe avoid a costume that would touch them there. So for example, if they don’t like their feet touched, make sure you get a costume that just doesn’t go over their feet … And the head, too, a lot of dogs don’t like things on their heads,” Tufts said.

Even if your pet will not be in costume, you still want to make sure they’re comfortable if trick-or-treaters will be coming to your house.

“You can always put a leash on your dog and keep them with you, but if they’re really just kind of getting nervous and [kids’] costumes can be scary for dogs, put them maybe in their crate. Give them a bone somewhere where they’re comfortable. Turn the TV on for them. You know, just let them enjoy the night,” Tufts said.

Tufts’ other tips include:

  • Look for a costume with an easy on/off mechanism, like straps with Velcro or something that attaches to their harness or collar.
  • Consider the fabric type of your pet’s costume and the temperature in your area so your dog doesn’t overheat.
  • If your pet likes to chew or is still a puppy, make sure the costume doesn’t have small pieces they can tear off.
  • Never leave your pet unsupervised while they’re wearing a costume.
  • Also, make sure children don’t leave candy or candy wrappers lying around where pets can reach it.
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