NORTHPORT, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — Some parents in a suburban school are planning a “sickout” to protest a foul odor inside their middle school.

Some claim health problems have persisted for their families for decades, CBS2’s Jennifer McLogan reported on Monday.

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Northport Middle School was built in 1956 on land sold to the district for $1. For decades, on-again, off-again health concerns were documented.

Most recently, there have been complaints of an overpowering stench.

“Smells of raw sewage, dead animals, musty moldy smells,” parent Bethany Watts said.

Watts’ daughter was among those treated for headaches and nausea.

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Jamie Jacobsen joined nearly 700 other parents in a Facebook group.

“My son always comes comes home exhausted and wants to go right to sleep. He has no energy at all,” Jacobsen said of her son.

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“I am tired of the district wasting our money to do Band-Aid repairs and then to continue to have the same thing come up time and time again,” parent Denise Schwartz added.

Photos were taken in the basement below the “K” wing, which the district says was closed, cleaned and renovated. Some parents allege stored chemicals leached into soil and concrete, and were painted over and not rectified. They also blame heating and air conditioning vents for circulating mold and fumes.

Health and safety incident reports have been filed.

“Our ultimate goal is to get the building closed because the building and the property is contaminated,” parent Lynette O’Dell said.

The contamination allegation has so far been unsubstantiated, McLogan reported.

Her requests to interview the superintendent were declined, but in a series of emails parents were told the district has identified, analyzed and remediated air quality concerns.

“We are just searching for answers,” said parent Lauren Handler, who is working with archivists. “It has actually been flooding since quite literally it opened. There’s photos of people in the yearbook wading to classes with no shoes on even in the 1950s.”

The district wide “sickout” is planned for Nov. 7, along with a peaceful protest outside the school.

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That same day, the Northport school board has scheduled a meeting to address “middle school concerns.”