SOUTH GLASTONBURY, Conn. (CBSNewYork) – It’s a civic duty for all Americans – unless of course you’re just 10 years-old.

A major mix-up in Connecticut led to an elementary school student being summoned for jury duty!

Nick Dondero of South Glastonbury loves math, science, and board games however, the 5th-grader got an early lesson in civics when he was mistakenly sent a letter telling him to head to court.

10-year-old Nick Dondero’s jury summons. (Credit: CBS2)

His family’s initial reaction was laughter.

“We all thought it was very funny,” Dondero’s parents said. “I always said my kids are going to be in court one day but I figured this is a little early you know?”

“I was wondering what if I don’t go, I wanted to know if that was going to be a problem,” the 10-year-old added.

It turns out there was no problem and Nick is in the clear.

It’s believed one of the four offices the Connecticut judicial branch uses to find jury names is the state’s revenue services, which does not include a birth date.

Officials say the Dondero family did the right thing by sending the summons back.


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