ALBANY (CBSNewYork) – New Yorkers could soon be able to use their own to-go containers at restaurants.

Assemblywomen Jen Metzger and Patricia Fahy introduced the “Right to Refill Act” earlier this week.

The bill would require restaurants to let customers bring their own cups to refill drinks and containers to take home leftovers.

The lawmakers say it would reduce the use of single-use plastics.

“Less than 10% of #plastic is ever recycled – we dispose of 16 billion coffee cups a year alone. While many businesses actively encourage their customers to use reusable containers and cups, others still refuse to refill reusable containers when asked,” Fahy posted on Twitter. “This bill ensures that customers who bring their own mug or container can use them and helps decrease our overall waste stream. It would also require establishments post signage informing customers they may use refillable containers to encourage this practice in our culture.”

Click here to read the Right to Refill Act.