NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Another hate crime investigation is underway in Brooklyn.

Once again, community leaders say Jewish people are being targeted in Borough Park, CBS2’s Hazel Sanchez reported.

The Boro Park Shomrim released cellphone video of a group of boys they say was throwing eggs on 38th Street outside Dome playground on Sunday afternoon, allegedly targeting Jews.

The suspects are seen taking off, one boy running on top of a car to get away.

“We are really hurt now because it’s a very nice community. It’s very quiet. And we love our neighbors and we would expect our neighbors to love us too, right?” resident Morty Brand said.

Brand said he is struggling to make sense of the attack, which happened just one day after the synagogue next to his home on Dahill Road was egged.

MORENYPD Vehicle Covered In Cracked Eggs, Garbage In Latest Case Of Police Disrespect In NYC

On Saturday night, Brand’s home surveillance camera recorded a group walking by. Then, as the synagogue door is seen opening one person walks back toward the building and launches an egg into the synagogue.

Ten minutes earlier, surveillance video from a home on 38th Street shows three kids on the street, one throwing an egg toward a 38-year-old woman walking up some stairs.

The NYPD said no one was hurt, and that its Hate Crime Task Force is investigating the attacks.

When asked what he thinks about all the attacks in his community, Brand said, “I don’t know what they want. I don’t know what they mean. But I think we have to go after them and find who they are.”

The incidents over the weekend are like salt in the wounds of Borough Park’s Jewish community. Earlier this month there were four incidents on one night. Victims were taunted, punched, and chased.

Police made one arrest in that string of crimes.

City Councilman Chaim Deutsch met with the NYPD and community leaders last week to discuss the recent pattern of anti-Semitism. On Sunday, he released a statement saying, “We must break this cycle, that requires increased police coverage in targeted communities, as well as aggressive prosecution when perpetrators are identified.”

“I think it’s the education. The principals in the school have to talk to them and take care of it,” Brand said.

Police don’t know if the same group of people is responsible for all the recent attacks. No arrests have been made.

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  1. don Highland says:

    I’m not condoning the actions of these boys. But, on a grander scale, they have legitimate gripes. Some Jewish folks enslave the populations within these communities. and Youths take notice of this fact. They know who oppresses them. and who financially exploits them. I’m just saying.

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  2. David Coker says:

    They see Jews as the oppressor while at the same time portraying themselves as the victim.

  3. Chris .Appel says:

    and CBS wont discuss the culture or ethnicity of the perps.

    1. kort6776 says:

      do you really need to be spoon fed the sort of info?

  4. Greg Olinger says:

    God’s children being attacked again. They pay a heavy price as are Christians with all of the evil in the world at the moment.

    1. Nameless Steve says:

      This isn’t about you, you people are not the center of the universe.

    2. Nameless Steve says:

      I’m so sick of western Christians commenting on antisemitism as an excuse to segue to talking about Christian persecution. You’re not Yazidi, Greg. Not everything is about Christians.

  5. cavegeckos says:

    Oy vey! It’s another shoa! Seriously though, if these had been white boys throwing the eggs it would have been “Breaking News” at CNN and the rest of the mainstream media.

  6. Charles Bartley says:

    It will only get worse, unless we close the border. Over 20% of the Jews have left Paris due to constant harassment.

  7. says:

    It’s so sad that we still have so many white supremacists and NAZI’s in Brooklyn, NY in this new millennium.

    1. says:

      The perpetrators were not “white”, just by the way. Your racism is showing…

  8. nearboston says:

    In a different section of the city they would have been brutally beaten.

  9. Reed Thompson says:

    “The Boro Park Shomrim released cellphone video of a group of boys they say was throwing eggs”

    ‘They Say Was’…


    1. Buck Louis says:

      “A group was.” That is correct grammar. Even if you insert the modifier “of boys” the noun is still “group.”

  10. K. Chris C. says:

    Non-Parasites would have “Returned,” and therefore wouldn’t be here, where they don’t belong, to be egged.

    1. John Pepin says:

      Let the hate flow through you…

  11. Deborah McClain says:

    This makes me angry. Like the victims, I don’t understand why……… Jews have been on US soil for hundreds of years; it’s not like they are invading the community and trying to set up their own laws. Live and let live people!

  12. Steve Kim says:

    Well if they were Muslim they would be jailed and put on trail for attempted murder and a race crime.

  13. johnxadkins says:

    Just “boys” and “kids”, eh? No other, uh, defining characteristics available?

  14. Rick Harris says:

    This is national news…because it’s Jews. Any other ethnic group, and this is laughed off and forgotten. But with Jews running the media show, it adds more marketing time to their persecution fables. What else is new?

    So to second STOIC, I say “LOL!”

    1. John Pepin says:

      I recall a man who put bacon on a Mosque in NYC was sent to prison.

      Should the law be equally applied here?

    2. Les Paul says:

      run out of eggs rick?

      1. Biggus Diggus says:

        Oy Vey! Run out of Shekels. Les?

    1. snowbaby says:

      ? You find this funny?

      1. Reed Thompson says:

        Seconded… Very funny…

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