Sunday Afternoon's Incident In Hunts Point Section Of Bronx Is Just The Latest Example Of An Apparent Disrespect For Police Officers

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD has made an arrest in an incident that some say disrespected the badge.

New video shows a group on dirt bikes riding circles around an officer at a Bronx gas station. Police said it happened after he tried to approach them for riding erratically, CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis reported Thursday,

Multiple dirt bike and ATV riders are seen circling the officer and his patrol car at a gas station on Bruckner Boulevard in Hunts Point, creating what police called a “hazardous condition.” The group appears to be taunting the officer.

A 20-year-old rider been charged with reckless driving, reckless endangerment and disorderly conduct, CBS2’s Cindy Hsu reported.

Police said an officer saw the group riding recklessly at the gas station on Sunday afternoon. As the officer approached, one abandoned his bike. When the officer tried to take the bike into possession, the group began circling.

“The reckless driving of these dirt bikes is unacceptable. It’s a public nuisance and it’s a danger to the community,” NYPD Chief of Patrol Rodney Harrison said.

One of the dirt bike and ATV riders sought by the NYPD following an apparent case of taunting against an officer in the Bronx on Nov. 10, 2019. (Photo: NYPD)

On the video, a rider attempts to grab a yellow bike left by the pump but runs off when he sees the officer. At one point, the officer reveals a Taser, which police said he did not use. Eventually, more officers arrive and that’s when police said the bikers sped off.

“Everybody scared from cops,” store manager Manvinder Oberoi said. “When more police officer come, they left peacefully from here.”

DeAngelis showed the video to customers where the incident happened. Some called it a case of bikers having fun, but others said it was a dangerous and disrespectful situation.

“I think they’re a menace. You got people riding around with bikes, no license, causing havoc riding around. I think it’s kind of dangerous,” said Jimmy Hernandez, who works in the area.

“Did they kill anybody? No. But can they have a little more respect for a figure of authority? We’re gonna have to call when were in danger? Yes, they should have a little bit more respect,” Hunts Point resident Louis Rosario said.

Increasingly, police have become targets of disrespect in the city. On Halloween, police car was deliberately covered in trash in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Then cops were taunted while trying to clean it off.

Over the summer, officers were doused with water on several occasions.

Police Commissioner O’Neill said cops have faced this for years.

“This is not something new. This is something in 2019 that’s being spread through social media and quite frankly it’s good that people see this,” O’Neill said.

He said being a cop is a tough job, and he’s hoping the videos will help people understand what officers face.

Rosario said while the relationship between citizens and police can be rocky at times, there’s no excuse for this behavior toward anyone.

“If we’re gonna say, ‘They’re just teenagers, they’re regulars,’ they’re also just disrespectful and pretty stupid because even I’m not a police officer and if you surround my car, just walking around my car a couple of people, I’d probably be worried thinking something is wrong with that, so that’s pretty intimidating,” Rosario said.

Fortunately, no officers were hurt, and it doesn’t appear any of the bike riders were, either.

Anyone with information is asked to call the NYPD’s Crime Stoppers hotline at 1-800-577-TIPS (8477) or 1-888-57-PISTA (74782) for Spanish. You can also submit a tip via the Crime Stoppers website, by tweeting @NYPDTips or by texting 274637.

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  1. Dan T says:

    Hope they kill a liberal.

  2. Vox Veritas says:

    DeMSMocrats doin’ what DeMSMocrats do.

  3. Joe NoSpam says:

    The cop was in danger; he should of pulled his gun and shot them all.

  4. BerryvilleConservative says:

    Start allowing the police to use deadly force. This officer was obviously in danger.

  5. Aleric says:

    When the LEFTIST LIBERAL SOCIALIST DA plea bargains this down to nothing it will show that the socialist government of NYC is not willing to back the same people they pay to keep order. NYC is a JOKE.

  6. Tampa Tibboh says:

    Hilarious! Cops under orders to appease are playfully teased by these colorful male mandrills. Too adorable! Them bikes are expensive, the original owners must be peezed right now.

    1. Kitcha says:

      “playfully teased” my arse…. let these criminals encircle your wife and child, your 12 year old daughter, and tell me that is “playful”

    2. racklefratz says:

      “THEM BIKES…” Yeah, right. You just outted yo bad seff as an illiterate.

  7. K. Chris C. says:

    When you daily levy Article 3, Section 3, violating war against the American people, you can’t be surprised when they in turn lose all respect for you.

  8. tascaso says:

    The Obama Regime openly condoned and encouraged this behavior. The PD better step up and crack some heads!

  9. This kinda action is the result of decades of progressive BS…just like what is going in inSF…folks peeing and pooping in the streets, sleeping along the sidewalk, diseases once eradicated now epidemics of TB, plague, etc.

    1. racklefratz says:

      Exactly right. And we’re being told “it’s the new normal”. Chaos in the streets, brought to us by obongo the great, who actively encouraged our country’s underclass thug population to disrespect law enforcement.


  10. Mr. Dude says:

    I came here from Drudge. On the same exact page I see this story.

    So cops pin down a man with no arms or legs. See this goes full circle. Cops are wrong and so are people who taunt them. I think we just need a reset of everything. I’m ready for Jesus.

    1. racklefratz says:

      Well, I’m sure “Jesus” is ready for you too. But given that’s not likely to happen any time soon, get back to us when you have a realistic, workable solution, OK?

  11. theshawn says:

    What do you expect from fascist NYC….you get chaos and disrespect.

  12. Mike Arvand says:

    12 ga. all that is needed. 00 buck will teach these a$$hats what their liberal parents failed to do. Plus, it’ll save NY taxpayers tons of money in future incarceration fees.

    1. Paul says:

      YES! The Police are public servants here to help, to protect and keep the peace. Disrespect should not be tolerated especially if it is endangering people if if it is a “Protest”

  13. Larry Pierson says:

    This is what happens when the psychopaths in the legislature disarm the law abiding citizens. If this where to have happened in Texas concealed carry permit holders would have come to the rescue of the police. They’ve done so historically in the past and will do so again.

    1. Paul says:

      YES! Great Post!

    2. ron says:

      When in modern time has that happened?

  14. Magaman says:

    Jigaboos. It’s always jigaboos.

  15. Gil Contreras says:

    I bet those were left leaning losers. Democrats, if the knew how to vote.

  16. JOHN says:

    Look like Jihadist

  17. Mark Douglas Hawkins says:

    Y’all come down to Texas and see us now, hear?

  18. joe levi says:

    Down here in Dixie,we shoot varmints.Support your local police.

    1. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

      Mmmmm! Boot polish.

  19. Trevor Sedis says:

    Hopefully this was one of the many cops who “stand down” to let antifa run amok.

    1. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

      Or arrested the victims of antifa assault.

    2. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

      Police are unilaterally despised by non whites, and it is a minor nuisance to them. But now that whites are waking up to the fact that police only serve the elite, their jobs and lives are about to become exponentially more difficult. Like corrupt judges, politicians and prosecutors, police too will be swept up in the shifting tide.We are in interesting times.

  20. De McGlynn says:

    How long will the police be retained, personally and/or professionally? There may come a time when there is no longer enough law enforcement to keep the ‘animals’ in the ‘zoo,’ whereas the folks will be forced to take matters in their own hands.

    There is a scene from The Blues Brothers, where Henry Gibson (as an Illinois Neo-nazi) is misled to Jake and Elwoods address. Gibson only said, “The Blues Brothers f#cked up, they better hope the police get them before we do…”

  21. Syd says:

    These rider’s actions do not represent the TreadLightly principles of responsible outdoor recreation.

  22. joe smith says:

    Maybe people are sick and tired of seeing police beat people up and then listening to the police command saying they will investigate and then slap officers on the wrist with 3 days of no pay. A recent report showed over 80 California cops with criminal records that still have their badge. Police hold civilians to the highest standards and any hesitation to instantly obey their commands is met with crippling and sometimes daily violence. When police “make mistakes” they are given every benefit of the doubt and those that commit the worst acts of brutality are allowed to resign so they can to another city and continue their brutality. Police need to earn respect. A psycho with a badge protected by other cops will not get them a shred of respect.



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