NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – More than a dozen Brooklyn tenants took their landlord to court on Friday demanding management make repairs to their building following a devastating fire.

The group of 18 families were displaced back in February after flames tore through 180 East 18th Street in Flatbush.

Tenants claim the landlord has done little work, and much of the construction they completed failed to meet city safety or health standards.

Attorneys for the landlord declined to comment, but city records show the Department of Buildings has filed six stop-work orders so far on the property.

Housing advocates have been pushing for a judge to order the landlord to commit to a schedule of repairs and pay relocation costs.

“It’s challenging, it’s frustrating, and you are basically trying to hold onto your sanity,” said displaced tenant Gail Nurse.

“The landlord has proven himself to be grossly negligent and incompetent and irresponsible, and it shows that he doesn’t care.,” said Sundai Bestman, another displaced tenant.

On Friday both parties agreed that the landlord would have all repair work completed by Jan. 31 or be held in contempt of court.


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