NEWARK, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – A baby girl comes home from a daycare in Newark with scrapes and bruises covering her body.

CBS2 is hearing from her mother, who now has a warning for other parents.

Six-month-old baby Zuri Ormond was fast asleep in her car seat Friday afternoon with the scars from an accident allegedly at daycare earlier this week still visible.

UPDATE: New Jersey Daycare Shut Down, Facing Several Violations After 6-Month-Old Infant Found Covered In Bruises

Bruises seen all over Zuri Ormond’s body. (Credit: CBS2)

Her mom Anari Ormond says she got a text message on Tuesday from the owner of J & A Nursery – located on Eastern Parkway – saying Zuri had been injured.

“She told me basically that I guess my daughter was left unattended around a two-year-old and that he bit my daughter in the stomach,” Ormond said.

When she arrived she got a second story.

“Went upstarts to get Neosporin and on her way down the stairs she fell with Zuri and that she was badly bruised.”

Pictures taken of the infant show bruises and scrapes on Zuri’s cheeks, head, and legs. Her ankle is still tender.

More of Zuri Ormond’s injuries. (Credit: CBS2)

“Nothing showed up on CAT scan which is good but any neurological challenges that arise we’ll see in coming years.”

CBS2 knocked at the home daycare, but no one answered. Ormond, a recent Howard University graduate, works as a Pre-K teacher and paid $800 a month for child care.

“I pay that much because I trusted them. I definitely think that there should not be other children in her care at this point.”

The mother wants the daycare shut down.

“From my understanding I’ve been trying to call the state and this breaks my heart too and they have no record and the city of Newark has no record of her business.“

Ormond says there are eight children cared for at the location daily. The nursery did not respond when CBS2 knocked, but police were just let inside.

An allegedly unlicensed daycare in Newark, N.J. (Credit: CBS2)

By law, any nursery with more than five children must have a state license. New Jersey authorities have no record of this daycare.

Some things parents can do when choosing a daycare include checking for a license and look for centers that have cameras, so parents can check in during the day.

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  1. Im sorry to hear this. I’m so afraid to be on the news. Hiring intentional teachers is vital!!

  2. Donna Corbin says:

    “I pay that much because I trusted them”. NO YOU PAID THEM BECAUSE A LICENSED CENTER WOULD BE MUCH MORE. How can you take the cheap route when your child is involved? The daycare worker is wrong as well, but the mother put her baby in this situation in the first place.

  3. Hicynthia Spells-Rich says:

    800 is a lot for an unlicensed daycare but children have DIED in licensed places as well. People are the evil ones. No matter the place or time.

  4. Keith says:

    Parents need to be responsible, and arrange proper childcare, even if it costs more. But we will always seek a bargain.

    1. Terence Millar says:

      So sad and the parents just assume the place was licenses.

    2. Gina says:

      Like the reply above says, children have died and licensed centers as well.

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