NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Next week is a big travel week due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and if you haven’t been to LaGuardia Airport in a while you’ll need some help navigating as construction there continues.

CBS2’s Alice Gainer has tips on how you can get in and out.

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If it has been some time since you’ve flown in or out of LaGuardia, you may find yourself confused.

“Just finding where the shuttles are, each time I’ve been here they’ve moved,” one traveler said.

“LaGuardia has changed a lot since like a year ago,” another person observed.

Due to ongoing construction, things have changed.

Driving to the different terminals was easy enough for Gainer. She just followed the signs, which seemed clear, beginning with Terminal C and Terminal D.

LaGuardia Airport (Photo: CBS2)

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If you’re looking to catch your ride-share vehicle from Terminal C, walk east. At Terminal D, walk west. The pickup location is between the two terminals where there is a large section coned off for each different ride-share company.

As for Terminal B, for-hire vehicles or ride-shares can be found on the second floor of the parking garage there. You request your ride, let your driver know which zone letter and meet them there.

“It’s easier to pick up people outside, but because of the construction and the fact that it’s too congested if they allow all the cars in there that’s why they have to go this route. So, unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil,” limo driver Mike Romanoff said.

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“I mean, it was a longer walk from where my gate was to get to the Uber area and the Lyft area, but, overall, it seems like it’s more well organized,” said traveler Tracey Jordan, who was visiting from Nashville.

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Probably one of the most confusing things for travelers is they can’t just go outside and get a yellow taxi cab. They have to go take a shuttle to the yellow cabs, Gainer reported.

This applies to all terminals, so look for the taxi shuttle signs.

Once on the shuttle, you’re taken to the taxi stand, which is about five to 10 minutes away depending on traffic.

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So is it better to take a yellow taxi or ride-share?

“Oh, I think it’s a toss-up based on your driver,” one person said.

One thing is for sure — as always, and especially on peak travel days, leave yourself extra time and pay attention to all the signs.

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On lower-volume days, the Port Authority says at Terminal B you can get a yellow taxi right then and there at the terminal stand and not have to take a shuttle anywhere.