NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — From the city that brought you Pizza Rat, take a look at the next furry critter trying to steal the hearts of MTA commuters – Subway Raccoon!

A rider at the Nevins Street station in Downtown Brooklyn spotted the four-legged commuter hanging out at the edge of the platform Wednesday night.

“I’m fully satisfied that my legacy is the subway raccoon,” Twitter user @oswaldthehedgie joked after taking the tiny passenger’s picture.

Brooklyn City Councilman Justin Brannan also tweeted about it, giving the MTA his thumbs up if they halt service to get the raccoon out of the station.

Perhaps “Subway Raccoon” was trying to find his way to Manhattan, where West Village residents have recently been on edge thanks to raccoon sightings in the busy residential neighborhood.

Residents there say they want to see the city make sure the raccoons relocate quickly, so that the area doesn’t become the next city neighborhood to experience a problem, like the raccoons that ran amok in Harlem back in 2016 and the “zombie” raccoons infected with canine distemper virus that terrorized Prospect Park in Brooklyn at this same time last year.

The MTA tells CBS2 they are looking into the raccoon sighting at Nevins Street.

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    Did he have his Metrocard?

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