NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A Queens woman is sharing her story after her house was burglarized by a group of men who police said have done this before.

CBS2’s Marc Liverman spoke to the victim exclusively on Tuesday.

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Jennifer Ramirez said less than two weeks ago she came home to find that her Maspeth house had been burglarized. The suspects were captured on her surveillance camera walking up her front steps.

“I was in shock. I couldn’t believe it. They stole all my jewelry, my husband’s jewelry,” Ramirez said.

Getting away with close to $10,000 in property, including some cash, the hooded men are seen on video opening the storm door of her home near 60th Road and 85th Street. Ramirez said she is left feeling shaken to her core.

“That’s exactly how we feel,” she said.

No one was home at the time but Ramirez said she is still terrified the suspects will come back, and this time her family will be home.

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“Ever since that we’ve been very scared and paranoid, so every little noise we hear we immediately think somebody’s trying to get in,” Ramirez said.

Police said another home was burglarized by the same suspects a few days earlier. At that one, the thieves got away with more than $11,000 worth of property, including a car that was parked in the driveway. But when the suspects tried to steal from Ramirez’s neighbor’s home, they didn’t get so lucky.

Karol Bierzryski said his wife was home and saw the same men trying to break into her neighbor’s home, so she got involved.

Through her window next door she could see that they were already inside her neighbor’s backyard trying to get inside past the gate, so she called out to them.

“She opened the window, she asked, ‘What are you guys doing? You’re not supposed to be here.’ So they look at her and they run,” Bierzryski said.

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Back to what police said was their tan minivan, before driving off, empty handed.