RIDGEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) – New Jersey State Police have released new video of a very unexpected discovery made after pulling over a car for speeding – there was a pregnant woman heading to the hospital inside!

It happened in September and officers tried to pull the speeding car over on Route 17 when a high-speed chase broke out.

(Credit: NJ State Police)

Dash cam video released on Tuesday showed the troopers chasing the car, which had its hazard lights flashing during the pursuit.

They signaled for the car to pull over, not knowing who was inside or if they were armed and dangerous.

Officers approached the car at gunpoint and that’s when they found a woman in the passenger seat in labor.

“What’s the problem?” an officer said.

“Officer, we got a water break. I’m going to the hospital. She’s pregnant!” the driver replied.

“(Expletive) tell me that!” the shocked trooper said, seeing the woman in labor.

The troopers then escorted the couple to Valley Hospital in Ridgewood. No information was given on the woman and her baby’s condition, but the dash cam video did document everyone arriving at the hospital safety.


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