NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – They may not even be ready to cook the Thanksgiving turkey, but millions of people are preparing for what’s to come right after the big meal: “Black Friday.”

To shop or not to shop, that will be the question for millions of Americans in the next 48 hours, reports CBS2’s Tony Aiello.

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“I just know better not to do Black Friday shopping,” said Barbara Torres of Piscataway, N.J.

Many box stores plan on extending their hours for the big day. Some will even open on Thanksgiving evening.

Among would-be shoppers, some people don’t plan on giving into the temptation of a sale.

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“It’s a not for me, I think this holiday should be a family time,” said Tanya Madenyika, also of Piscataway.

“It could get dangerous in there,” said Kenrick Wolf of Bedford-Stuyvesant. “You see people pushing each other over, so I am not for it.”

The National Retail Federation still believes Black Friday will yet again be the busiest “in-store” shopping day of the year.

It estimates more than 114 million Americans will participate, including Shirley Lopez who is already texting her sister about their plan.

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“We definitely have a tradition, we have turkey and then we head out,” said Lopez. “It’s a grouping, we section it off. You go here, you go there.”

This year, certain retailers may be feeling the pressure since Thanksgiving falls late on the calendar, giving shoppers six fewer days this holiday season.

“Every major company out there is looking to attract the shoppers,” said Val Pinkhasov, president of Total Merchant Resources. “We are finding that a lot of people aren’t budgeting this properly and they live outside their means.”

He says before you shop, make a detailed spreadsheet and stick with it. Stay away from impulse buys and know the difference between the good sales and bad ones.

You may be able to get a better deal another day.

“People should realize if they need to buy an item for this time of the year, or if they can wait until January and then they have clearance sales on leftovers,” said Pinkhasov.

He says Black Friday is a great time to buy electronics, but Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday also offer great deals on other items.

Another tip to keep in mind is actually taking out a store credit card.

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Experts say if you’re disciplined with credit and spending a lot, it may help since many offer 0% interest rates.