(CBS Local)– It’s been an amazing year for Brooklyn native Jasmine Cephas Jones.

She has a recurring role on Kathryn Hahn’s new HBO series “Mrs. Fletcher” and is back in the theater alongside Peter Dinklage in “Cyrano” at the Daryl Roth Theater in New York. A lot has changed for Cephas Jones since she got a part in her first show Broadway called “Hamilton.”

“I was just so excited that it was my first Broadway show,” said Cephas Jones in an interview with CBS Local’s DJ Sixsmith. “I was just trying to take everything in. That experience was such a whirlwind and there was so much that was happening in that two year span. I was literally just trying to soak it all in. You don’t realize until you leave just how big the thing is. I really realized it when the album came out, that’s when it changed. People were mouthing the lyrics the next day and it was so much bigger than I thought it would be.”

After time away from the theater, Cephas Jones found the right project to bring her back to the stage in “Cyrano.” The former Hamilton star has loved the experience and the time with an actor like Dinklage.

“It’s cool, there is music and the whole thing is underscored,” said Cephas Jones. “There’s singing in it and the music is by the band The National. It’s really cool and eclectic and really pushes the boundaries with theater and what you’re supposed to do and not supposed to do. It’s very original and coming off of Hamilton, I thought this was really cool and original.”

In addition to her theater prowess, Cephas Jones is also showing off her acting range on television in “Mrs. Fletcher.” Her character Chloe is someone who knows who she is while everyone else around her is trying to figure that out.

“Brendan’s character and his mom have been influenced by porn in very different ways,” said Cephas Jones. “It’s kind of empowered Mrs. Fletcher because she just got divorced and is living her life and with Brendan he doesn’t really know how to treat women or have a relationship. He meets my character Chloe and she flips him around. He’s falling for her and it’s cute. I really like playing her and she is very woke. She opens his mind to more things.”


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