NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A sewage backup is causing problems for hundreds of homeowners in South Ozone Park.

Work crews are on the scene in Queens Saturday night, making repairs and helping with the cleanup.

The FDNY says a main broke in the afternoon, a 42-inch pipe that caused sewage to back up into homes two miles away on Inwood Street, flooding local homes.

Between 200 and 300 homes in the area have been affected.

New York City’s Office of Emergency Management and the Red Cross are on scene to help homeowners who have been left with pools of waste flowing through their residences.

“The whole basement, I’ve lost everything. Two boilers, washing machines, heater, everything… I don’t know where to start right now,” Queens homeowner Angela Green told CBSN New York.

The Department of Environmental Protection is advising residents in the area to keep water usage to a minimum while crews are working to resolve the issue.

“This time of year, we get a lot of grease blockages in sewers from residents that discharge grease. We’re under the assumption that it’s that, but we’re still working to clear it,” DEP Commissioner Vincent Sapienza said.

The Red Cross and OEM are offering hotel accommodations for affected residents and have set up an information center at nearby P.S. 223. The city says it hopes to have the blockage in the sewer removed overnight.

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  1. I have been a adjuster for over five years and I live in South Ozone Park. Most homeowners policies do not cover off premise sewer backups unless you have the backup endorsement. The endorsement will provide limited coverage for ensuing damage to the dwelling ranging from 5k on the low end to 25k on the higher end. Most of your backup coverage will go towards mitigation. Its the cleanup and dry out of your home. If you do have the endorsement be careful in how much expenses you are incurring because once the limit is reached you will be paying out of pocket. Some carriers will be nice and absorb your deductible if your damage far exceeds the limits.

  2. CHECK YOUR HOMEOWNERS POLICY FOR THE SEWER BACK UP ENDORSEMENT! It may be described as ‘water backup.’ There will be a deductible and may have a $5K to$10 K limit. If you purchased this rider, not only do you have coverage for the damage, you have Loss of Use coverage. Your expenses from having to live elsewhere COULD BE COVERED AS WELL.

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