NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A 16-year-old girl who was apparently kidnapped right in front of her mother staged the whole thing, sources told CBS2.

The apparent kidnapping in the Bronx was staged by Karol Sanchez, who allegedly confessed to it after being reunited with her family Tuesday.

No charges have been filed at this time, but police are looking for four male accomplices.

The surveillance video would send chills through any parent: Four men snatching a 16-year-old off a Bronx Street.

Karol Sanchez is escorted by a police officer after being located following an Amber Alert on Dec. 17, 2019. (credit: Zani Koxha)

Blurry video showed the scene in the Melrose section of the Bronx near 775 Eagle Ave. at 11:30 p.m. Monday.

The video shows four men in a sedan pull up to Sanchez and her mother, grab the girl and push the mom to the ground.

The NYPD put out an Amber Alert and flooded the neighborhood with missing posters.

At 2:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sanchez suddenly showed back up at the scene and turned herself into police as stunned people on the street watched.

“We was at the pole over there, looking at her picture, and we walked up the block, she was crossing the street to to the the cop car, and I was like ‘Yo, that’s her right there,'” said Tommy Feliciano.

“She was shaken up. She was bending over, grabbing her knees, and discussing with the police. And that’s when they took her into the parking garage for questioning,” Zani Koxha said.

Sanchez was brought to the 40th Precinct stationhouse, where, sources tell CBS2, she admitted she staged the whole thing with four accomplices in an attempt to run away from her family.

The NYPD wants to talk to all involved before deciding who, if anyone, to charge.

All day, residents had worried about Sanchez, and kept a close eye on their own children. They worried about Sanchez’s mother. Witnesses say she was distraught Monday night after her daughter was driven away.

“She was just screaming ‘My daughter, my daughter, my God, someone please help me.’ She was screaming hysterically. And I was looking, wondering what was going on. She was just screaming in the street,” one witness said.

Sanchez and her family live in Dutchess County but have been visiting relatives in the Bronx.

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  1. concerned says:

    It may have been staged but on the other hand, you have to see if it was truly staged. She could have been returned and instructed to tell that she staged the whole thing while threatening her with something else. I would have all angles investigated her life could still be in danger. (crying wolf is dangerous)

  2. Gladys Mojica says:

    Throw all them in jail. send a message to all teenagers you do something like that you pay it the price with jail. mother don’t deserve what she did.

  3. I hope this hoodrat is criminally charged and has to serve time in Juvy for at least a year for all of the money wasted along with HER being fined heavily not her parents.

  4. guy mcdonald says:

    Sound a lot like Tawan Brawley and Sharpton gig from 20+ years ago. Girl wanted some up close and personal time with her boyfriends so set this up…

  5. Dems Are Coup Coup says:

    Add this to the Democrat articles of impeachment.

  6. jaeuu says:

    I dont blame her for running away. she said she did not want to move to Honduras and i dont blame her. However she didnt have to stage a kidnapping!

  7. Calvin says:

    Charge her with a crime…and her accomplishes should be thankful that they are not in Kansas where we have concealed carry. They may have ended up dead.
    She must be an example and a reminder about how much man power was wasted trying to solve this crime and save her life. Money and time that could have been spent on real crime.

  8. So I guess “Missing White Women Syndrome” is true.

  9. Sanderson says:

    Just shoot her and put an end to this story and waste of taxpayer money. If anything she’s more likely to kidnap someone, given the impulse in her blood.

    1. Steven says:

      She’s 16 and you are demented if you really believe what you wrote.

  10. P. Matthews says:

    Yes, this girl was an idiot. But don’t let this discourage you, everyone. Real kidnappings happen every day. Always stay vigilant.

  11. Just Ghetto Rats being Ghetto Rats.

  12. Paul B. says:

    This drew a lot of police resources, which we will pay for, and it will make it harder for the next girl who actually is abducted. And then there’s what she put her mother through. There needs to be consequences.

  13. Pono says:

    I hear she was a big fan of Smollet’s.

  14. saus says:

    Oh wow. a female faking being a victim. this must be the first isolated case of this ever happening.

  15. Loud capone says:

    I thought she looked kind of big to kidnap.

  16. Danny S. says:

    Very sad if this was the only way the girl could get away from the house. The one who pushed the mother to the ground can at least be charged with assault for that.

  17. Glen Rudesill says:

    I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to go back to Honduras either.
    At first I thought she wanted to go to a party mom said NO to.
    Give her community service to do…a lot of it.

  18. Megan lohmiller says:

    She should be charged

  19. Hot Finger says:

    Knew it! As soon as I read the original story. The initial report included a seemingly innocuous reference to the fact that the girl’s mother was planning to relocate them back to Honduras, and she was not happy about it.

  20. Ed L. says:

    That clicking sound you hear is thousands of Facebook and Twitter comments being deleted.

  21. Ed L. says:

    As all the assorted cops are taking credit for her turning herself in. GREAT JOB EVERYONE! Praise Jesus! Barf.

  22. Donald Olson says:

    Related to Jussie?

  23. Tom C Fuller says:

    Throw them all in jail for about ten years. Maybe that will convince her that some places are worse than home.

  24. Karen Accius says:

    I’m disappointed in her I actually thought she was kidnapped SMDH.

  25. Judie B says:

    why hasn’t she been charged? how much time and taxpayer money was spent on her stunt?

    1. Bill says:

      because it was just a joke. get over it. even if she was charged it would be sealed with a YO status

  26. Rollo Tomassi says:

    “Police said Karol Sanchez was reunited with her mother Wednesday.” Umm, she was abducted on Monday and today is Tuesday, sooo…?

    1. Donald Olson says:

      I’m not sure; is it yesterday or tomorrow on the opposite of the globe?

  27. Unc says:

    this is insane. Just out of the blue. Just grabbed a random teen…….omg

  28. Hello Sir says:

    Man, you would think now in days people have better cameras. Can’t barely see what kind of car is it or license plate.

  29. Some One says:

    When you provide videos related to Amber Alerts, they should not be preceded by 30 second ads!

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