NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — With the holidays knocking at our doors, we’ll probably see a lot of regifting.

But is giving away your unwanted presents a good idea?

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The holidays may be the season of giving, but many people may also find themselves regifting, or re-wrapping unwanted gifts they’ve received from loved ones and pretending as if they bought them for a new recipient.

“My sister is a big regifter. In fact, I can always tell when she regifts,” Upper West Side resident Maria Danzilo told CBS2’s Alice Gainer on Tuesday.

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“Everyone gets me a coffee gift card and I’m like, I don’t want it, so I usually regift it,” said Bradlee Laight of Hamilton Heights.

MOREEtiquette Experts: Regifting Is Okay, But You Have To Know The Rules

Retail experts say the most popular things regifted are candles, gift cards, household items and clothing.

“It’s cheesy. It’s tacky. You shouldn’t regift,” South Bronx resident Edith Richards said.

While some may find it distasteful, most people say it’s becoming a new social norm.

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“If it’s something brand new and nice, it could be acceptable,” said Doug Williams of Dobbs Ferry.

“Sometimes you’re broke, sometimes you need to do it,” added Upper West Side resident Mohammed Hussain.

“You have to be strategic about it,” Maryn Gordon said.

A recent study by American Express found the vast majority of Americans — 73% — agree that it’s okay to recycle a gift, a move becoming popular among millennials.

“I have definitely regifted. I mean, if it’s something I’m not going to use,” one person said.

“I have absolutely seen an increase, especially with millennials. They like to share. They don’t like to waste and reuse things,” said Patricia Napier-Fitzpatrick, founding president of the Etiquette School of New York.

Napier-Fitzpatrick said it’s okay to regift if you follow some rules. For instance, gifts should be new or unused and should be something the recipient will like. Please make sure the gift is freshly wrapped. Gifts should never be personalized, given in the same circle of friends, and nothing that you got for free.

“Is it really worth it to regift it just to use it and you don’t want to waste it? Really, think about who would like it the most,” Napier-Fitzpatrick said.

And beware, your regift may be regifted to someone else. So some day you may end up getting it back.

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According to the National Day Calendar, this Thursday is National Regifting Day, which originated in 2008 from co-workers giving re-gifts to one another at holiday work parties.