NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Even if you’ve checked off everyone on your list, holiday shopping may not be over just yet.

Sale signs have actually been up for weeks, but savvy shoppers know this is the time to score even deeper discounts with post-holiday sales.

Anthony Rotunno, a senior editor at The Strategist, is sharing his essential post-holiday game plan for sale shopping.

“The first thing that is really great to look for are beauty products that you’re going to use all year that are sold as part of holiday sets,” he said.

Who cares if it’s a seasonal motif on a jar or tube? Who doesn’t love a bargain on beauty products?

Rotunno says “another thing to look for is discounted actually nice holiday decor and cards.”

This is a no-brainer that bears repeating. Discounts are just too good for things you know you’ll need.

“Another thing to keep an eye for is warm bedding,” Rotunno told CBS2’s Jenna DeAngelis.

Even before January white sales, snag bargains on cozy comforters now.

“You’re probably thinking there’s going to be tons of crowds, everything’s going to be picked over, you’re going to be fighting for that last cashmere sweater,” so Rotunno suggests going early, “be the first one there.”

He also suggests saving up your gifts cards for the post-holiday sale or splurge.

“There’s just more bang for your buck,” he says.

And finally, Rotunno says shop early for what you know is coming next year.

“You know when everybody’s birthday is, you know who’s graduating, who’s getting married, so why not take that real-time information you’ve got from unwrapping gifts and use it to try and buy as many things that you know people will like while they’re on sale for the year ahead,” he said.

You may have already spent a lot, but remember, smart shopping now will ultimately save you time and money later.


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