NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Celebrating New Year’s by watching the ball drop in Times Square is a tradition among millions, but not everyone welcomes the next year in the same way.

CBSN New York’s Nina Kapur hit Midtown on Tuesday to find out the different ways people from across the globe celebrate.

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New Year’s Eve is a time for family, friends, and celebrations.

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“Our tradition is to live more, live for the moment, and be happy and choose happiness,” said tourist Nicole Nicholson, who was visiting from Irvine, Calif.

“Food booze and parties,” added Sandos Jaja of Toronto.

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Drinks, dinner, and dancing are just some of what you would expect. But others have traditions as old as time — to bring good luck, prosperity, and health in the new year.

In Brazil, usually the people go to the beaches and they send some gifts in the water or they also jump seven times when the waves come. They jump even times, wishing the best luck to friends and family and themselves,” tourist Demian Olivera said.

Bet you’ve never heard of that one. But wait, there’s more.

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“Put the pants color yellow. It’s good luck. If you’re wearing pants colored yellow, you’re traveling a lot,” said Athamais Pais of Venezuela.

“We fill a full luggage with random stuff, and we always wear something red for good luck. And then we just run around the whole neighborhood with our luggage,” added Jacqueline Jimenez of California.

That’s supposed to promote lots of travel in the new year. Lots of traditions, however, include less undergarments and more food.

“Rice cakes are very sticky and get longer when you pull. That means a long life. That’s why we make rice cakes on New Year’s holiday and eat with it family,” added Keiko Asai of Japan.

“What we do is black eyed peas for prosperity and luck, and collard greens for money,” said Joshlyn Wilson of South Carolina.

“We usually get together with family and make tamales and eat them all night long,” Texas resident Abbi Garcia added.

And what good fortune do those bring in the new year?

“I think it just symbolizes we’re getting fatter and need to get healthier in January,” Garcia said.

Many traditions include food. Others are more common, like kissing a loved one at midnight or simply making a resolution.

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Now matter how you celebrate, have a happy New Year.